Who we are

Startup investment company specialized in supporting

Korean venture enterprises' overseas advancement

SEMA Translink Investment was established to flourish the South Korean startup market and to aid their successful overseas advancement.
The company was founded jointly by Korea Scientists & Engineers Mutual-aid Association(SEMA) and Translink Capital, one of the leading VCs in Silicon Valley.
Our partners have a long career in CVC and VC and various experiences in business development and Growth Capital investment.

Korea Scientists & Engineers Mutual-aid Association

  • One of the largest Korean associations having over 70,000 members in the science and technology sector 

  • Manages over KRW 6 trillion-worth assets for alternative investment

  • Domestic financial network

  • Stable return achievement of at least 5% every year

Translink Capital

  • VC specialized in supporting Silicon Valley venture enterprises in the US to expand abroad

  • Equipped with partners with long-experience and network in the US venture startup sector

  • Manages funds amounting to USD 800 million

  • Return experiences including 23 IPOs and 47 global M&As (to date)

SEMA Translink Investment

  • Joint venture startup based on the Korean science and technology fund management agency and Silicon Valley-based VC

  • Domestic application of Translink Capital's investment model proven in the US in supporting venture startups' overseas expansion

  • Use of vast-ranging startup network and global conglomerate network

Based on the overseas business experiences and network unique to SEMA Translink Investment, the company provides a new set of investment strategies. Differentiated "Collaborative Global Venture Investment Model" of SEMA Translink Investment supports Korean venture companies going global.
SEMA Translink Investment is committed to being a reliable partner for Korean startups seeking to claim the global market with the solid partnership networks encompassing the US and Asia, rich global business experiences and stable asset management record.

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